Sustaining School Mental Health at the State-level: Panel Discussion


How do we ensure the long-lasting impact of what we’ve achieved through our school mental health grant? What do we need to have in place to sustain school mental health infrastructure moving forward? This panel discussion focused on state-level examples of the planning, design, and implementation process that supports sustainable and scalable school mental health systems. Panelists included leaders from two state education agencies with experience navigating the navigating changing landscape needs and availability of resources; building statewide school mental health infrastructure; and coordinating a variety of federally funded initiatives (e.g., AWARE, School Climate Transformation grants). There were specific examples related to social emotional learning (SEL) in schools, and multi-tiered systems of support (i.e., PBIS). In this virtual learning session, panelists shared lessons learned and participants engaged in peer-to-peer discussion.

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