School Mental Health Financing and Sustainability: Using Stimulus Funds to Advance Comprehensive School Mental Health


In this webinar, leaders from two school districts in the Southeast will join a panel to describe how they and their partners have made innovative use of Stimulus funds to finance their school mental health initiatives. The panelists will discuss how their current approaches built upon prior school mental health programs and existing sources of financing, as well as how they are working towards sustainability. They will also share their perspectives on how other school districts – which may be different from theirs in key respects (e.g., size, administrative capacity) – might think about the opportunities to appropriate these new funds in support of students’ mental health. Panelists will include Nancy Turner of Rock Hill Schools in South Carolina and Melissa Morse, Jessica Stormer, and Fred Latschar of Henry County Schools in Georgia.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify a key source of federal stimulus funding that can be appropriated for use in school mental health programs.
  2. Explain school and school district-level strategies for effectively leveraging stimulus funds to finance school mental health programs.
  3. Engage in cross-state networking and shared learning about strategies for sustainable financing of school mental health programs.

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