Opportunities and Solutions to Implement Measurement-Based Care for more Personalized, Collaborative, and Effective School Mental Health Interventions


Student mental health early intervention (Tier 2) and treatment (Tier 3) services and supports are a vital component of any comprehensive school mental health system, but how student-centered, evidence-based, and effective are they? View this session to hear about how your school or district team can implement measurement-based care (MBC) in your Tier 2 and 3 services to improve service quality, track outcomes, and sustain crucial services for students with emerging or existing mental health needs. MBC is the ongoing use of student-, parent- and teacher-reported progress measures to inform personalized, collaborative, effective interventions. This session will provide practical strategies to implement MBC in schools by sharing information on: (1) free, validated assessment measures; (2) tips on how to promote student and parent participation; (3) criteria for evaluating data system options; and (4) approaches to design effective training and ongoing support for your school mental health professionals.

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