Leading Ourselves & School Communities
Through and After Crisis Towards Healing


School crises can be interrupters or the norm, depending on the school and its community context. Whether the crisis is acute, chronic, or complex, there are shared leadership practices, policies, and paradigm shifts that can support all stakeholders’ efforts to successfully navigate a crisis. Leading school communities through crisis recovery and renewal while responding is hard and complex. We don’t need to hold this work alone (even though…we often do!). Together we explore these essential questions: What makes our leadership trauma informed- always, in the wake of, and in the aftermath of crisis? How might we continue our trauma-informed leadership during and after a crisis has ended (e.g., COVID 19, a student death, hurricane) to strengthen our school climate?
This session is a continuation of our four-part series “Promoting School Preparedness, Community Resilience, and Recovery in the Face of Adversity” that took place in June and July of 2022. The series focused on the role of schools and school mental health providers throughout crisis planning and response and offers a framework for planning that is part of a larger trauma-informed and healing-centered approach to education and school mental health. The previous sessions covered Essentials, Improving Readiness, Response, and Recovery and Maintenance.

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