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Impact of COVID-19 Realities on IPS Supported Employment


Paul J. Margolies, PhD, presents an interactive webinar focusing on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the implementation of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) supported employment services. After a review of the IPS approach – including its principles, practices, and importance- participants will learn about the comprehensive set of implementation strategies used with over 85 implementation sites in New York State. Performance indicator and self-assessed fidelity data will be reviewed. The focus will then shift to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on IPS implementation in NYS and beyond. Survey results provided by 88 NYS implementation sites will be shared, focusing on adaptations and innovations reported. Beyond NYS, participants will review information provided by the IPS WORKS international learning community, focusing on changes being made with IPS implementation by its member sites. Finally, participants will be provided with an opportunity, through chat box/polling questions, to share changes that they are making with their IPS implementation and lessons learned.

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